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When to do LAOW in WWS Sequence

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I was thinking of doing Lively art of Writing as a big picture overview of essays.  Where would you put this in the wws sequence?  Some ideas I had:

1.  Do it concurrently with WWS1, alternating days, and then continue with WWS2

2.  Between WWS1 and WWS2

3.  Concurrently with WWS2, alternating days

4.  Match up the sections and do them as the topics appear in WWS

Is one of these better than the others?  Other ideas?

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I planned to use WWS 2 with my 7th grader this year. (He used WWS 1 in 6th grade.) As I was planning, I decided it wasn't going to work for us. Instead we are using LAoW combined with the literary analysis sections from WWS. So far it is going well.

My oldest also used LAoW in 7th grade. We skimmed through it at the end of the year, so her progression was: WWS 1 in 6th, IEW (theme based book) and LAoW in 7th, then Writing with a Thesis on 8th.

So sticking LAoW between WWS 1 and 2 would be my recommendation.

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