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Anybody know polish?


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"siła Ja cielesnego"

How would you translate this? I've seen a literal translation, but in context it's not meaning anything. Oh, and the context is a psychology study. So the fuller title was "Wczesnodziecięca trauma, aleksytymia i dysocjacja a siła Ja cielesnego"


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I don't know Polish, but I have an acquaintance who is a native speaker.

This is what she said in regards to the title as a whole and the phrase at the top.

siła Ja cielesnego = physical or body strength

She said that there are three terms in the title - childhood trauma, alexythimia (a personality disorder), and physical strength. The title means the first two vs the third. An example she gave to explain it is a person who is strong and fit physically, but who has low processing speed for mental tasks such as mathematics or low executive function skills..

I hope this helps a bit.

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