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Any Freelancers here?


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I'm thinking about starting some freelance work to earn extra money.  I'm interested in writing, editing, virtual assisting, and accounting. 

I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information that I find on the internet.  I swear it is a full time job just weeding through everything.  

If you freelance, I'm curious how you got started.  Did you just signup on some of the various freelance sites, start a website first, or what???  

In another life before kids and homeschooling, I was a Certified Public Accountant but it's been 18 years.  I did not keep my license current, and I'm honestly not even sure if that is what I want to do.  I would love to write or edit.

Any BTDT advice?

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Just watch the self-employment taxes. I did online teaching and course development for years as an independent contractor, and I currently am helping a friend finish her master's thesis with project management and editing. 

Review the rules for being an independent contractor. The last company I worked for was close to the line of being wrong and had a temporary ruling from the IRS that it was OK to classify me that way, but there were elements that weren't right (written performance reviews, lots of standards for how the work was done, language that viewed me as an employee, etc. etc.).

In my case, I got business through networking. It's not something I've pursued much since because I'm a single parent and need more of a safety net, but it kept me home while homeschooling and allowed us to save for retirement.

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