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sim cards in europe


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what I have learned.   if you can avoid buying a sim card at the airport - don't buy one at the airport.  expensive for VERY LITTLE data. they sell it in MEGAbytes.   when you're driving a lot, taking the scenic route to get places - navigation uses a lot of data.   at least when I could set it while I had wifi I got something, just not voice support.   and a big banner over the screen to block my view.

we just ended up buying another simcard at a store in a mall (yes, they have them) in innsbruck.   cheaper over all - for 8 GIGAbytes.

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Yeah, both things are true. My dd fortunatelt learned that before she went to France and her host mom assisted her in going to a legitimate place where you can buy them at a sensible rate. 

When I visited, I didn’t buy a sim card, but I did get a block of roaming GBs from Verizon that affiliates with Orange in Europe. But navigation eats a ton of data so I learned (the hard way) to keep turning my data off until I actively needed it. My first data block was expended in like three days, but after I understood what I was doing, the second block lasted the remainder of two weeks. 

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