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Looking for a brief unit study/curriculum on journalism?

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Has anyone found a good unit study or curriculum on journalism?  Looking for something brief to teach the basics to my middle schooler, but she can easily do the work if it is high school level.  We will be possibly using Byline next Fall, but I am looking for something much shorted to finish out the school term.  She has a opportunity to submit a story for a local magazine, but I want her to know the basics before she starts the writing process.  Thanks.  

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School Journalism website lesson plans -- pick and choose lesson plans of interest


High Five -- three stand-alone units, each is 6-weeks long; for your needs, check out Unit B

   Unit A = Media Literacy and Newspapers

   Unit B = Become a Journalist -- "how to" of writing

   Unit C = Go to Press -- "how to" of layout and printing)


Introductory News Literacy -- this is all 3 units of High Five, adapted and in one pdf file

Edited by Lori D.
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Have you seen Cover Story?


Not entirely just journalism but it looks fun and is geared for middle schoolers. It might be longer than what you are looking for though!

😀 She is using Cover Story this school year, but she likes it so much she will finish soon.

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