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What to do with 7th grade DS while I am out of the country?

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I want to plan something, somehow, such that DS13 does not get a 2-week vacation simply because I am not here. DH is honestly no help at all in this respect, so any suggestion that starts with, “Have DH do...†will not be the solution. DS is not nearly as independent as I would wish him to be. Math is the only subject I could reasonably expect him to do functionally for two weeks with no oversight by me.


We will be doing a literature study of The Hobbit, so potentially he could watch the movie, although that will still not take him two weeks (and he has seen it before). I could possibly make up some questions for him to answer while or after the movie, but it would be nice if something like this already exists. I don’t want him on the web while he is unsupervised for several hours a day, so nothing he will have to research online.


Maybe I could also line up some movies for history and possibly science.


I’m really just not sure what to do to make it so that he still works daily while I’m away. Have you done this?

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Moving Beyond The Page has a Hobbit study.  It was well loved here.  I think all of it could be done independently if you specified which of the worksheets he needs to use and laid out a box of supplies (I copied the map onto parchment, did one of the things on cardstock, and laid out air drying clay).


Honestly, though, I would either move my kid to something where I could check on work (like Mobymax) or set up a binder and day by day schedule for dh to check.

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