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Question for Lyme experts


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DH got a Lyme test back and he has two bands that were reactive, 41 and 66. Can anyone provide any information about what this means? Does it indicate Lyme? His doc is not Lyme literate, in fact dh had to call to get the results, which a staff member gave him, but it doesn't seem like they plan on doing anything at this point. Prior to the test they had called in a 3 week doxy prescription so he's wondering if he should take it or not. He's had some vague symptoms for a while but nothing that screams Lyme necessarily. I know there are some Lyme knowledgeable ladies on here; just wondering if anyone can provide input on the test results. TIA!

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According to the CDC your husband does not have lyme. However, the testing is horrible faulty.

If he has been experiencing symptoms take the doxy. And 3 weeks won't be enough. Find a Lyme literate doctor. Our lives have been ruined by lyme and my advice is always run, don't walk to a doctor who understands Lyme.

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