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Music People: Help Me Buy Sheet Music


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DH plays guitar, DS1 plays drums, and DS2 plays violin. I used to play flute and am thinking of picking it up again. I also briefly doubled on alto sax and am thinking of taking that up again or maybe starting clarinet. We also bought a bell set (glockenspiel) and everyone is having fun with that.


We are starting to get to the point where some of us can play together. How do I find sheet music for odd instrument combos? What I am hoping for is something like this: a book with parts written for many instruments and we can use the instruments we have. Does anybody sell anything like that? I have spent some time looking online and what I am seeing is music for typical small ensembles. Doesn't anyone ever have anything for a violin and flute duet? They can even be the same exact part, just written in the proper keys.


Is there anything like this or am I dreaming?


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Last Resort Music is what you are looking for. I use it all the time for all kinds of odd music combos. The music isn't necessarily easy, though some of the sets are easier than others.


Violin/flute duets can be any duet for 2 C instruments. In other words music for two flutes can be read by a violinist, and music for two violins can be read by a flautist.  Folk music -- celtic or bluegrass for instance, will often have the chords written in for the guitarist. Pop songs, too or Christmas songs. That isn't something you'll see in classical music.  Lead sheets or vocal sheet music, which has the melody and chords can also be used as often there are harmonies written for the melody. You just have to choose who is playing melody and who is playing harmony.


You have to find more specific music for sax or clarinet as those are b-flat or e-flat instruments. There are duets published for "c instrument and b flat instrument".  Or you can learn to transpose on the fly!! 


Sheet Music Plus is another source of ensemble music as well as lead sheets. It has every genre imaginable so can be a challenge to find exactly what you need, but if it exists, they have it.


Hope that helps.

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