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NCAA - packaged curriculum or DIY

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I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find the answer to my particular question in the pinned threads. I am wondering if the process would be easier with the NCAA if we used a packaged curriculum (like MFW, OM, etc) versus pulling together our own courses. There are certain aspects of a packaged curriculum that appeal to me, but at the same time some of those very same things make me want to create our own courses. For example, I see in MFW that there are lit questions, vocab quizzes, and tests in history. Would the NCAA appreciate that versus mommy created assignments (writing essays and discussion based that would be more infrequent than daily questions, quizzes)?  And would it seem more legit to have a reputable curriculum provider on the NCAA forms versus resources pulled together by me?  


I hope I am making sense! I guess my question is not as much about the resources used since we will be using high school level books. It is more about the output. I just originally thought I would use a packaged curriculum because it seemed easier. However, I am starting to realize that so much of the output is busy work. I am not a fan of countless comprehension questions for literature... My older kids are taking college classes now, and although it is a lot of work, it is a different kind of work. They don't have as much daily busy work, but they have big projects and essays that they work on over a longer period of time. However, I could always use a packaged curriculum as a guide and change up some assignments if the NCAA would prefer that route. And for what it's worth, my son will also be taking co-op courses through a charter school and DE classes.


I appreciate any insight from those who have gone through the NCAA process before! My son's coach is not thrilled at the idea of him being homeschooled in high school, but that is what my son prefers. I just want to make sure we do it the easiest way possible! ;)

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There is no difference, as far as NCAA is concerned, between a packaged course and a home-created course, and there are no requirements as to the number or type of assignments. The only place you even need to mention the types of output is the section about what the grade is based on, and they seem to want something that looks vaguely quantitative, like: "20% discussion, 40% final exam, and 40% research paper" or "16 quizzes worth 5 points each and a final exam worth 20 points." 


Since they eliminated the homeschool department, homeschoolers' Core Course Worksheets will be evaluated by people who are used to looking at PS and private school courses, and it's highly unlikely that they have even heard of most homeschool curriculum. I think it's probably more helpful to throw a standard textbook into each Core Course Worksheet, even if you only read a few sections or use it for reference. For the course descriptions, statement of goals, etc., just google syllabi for those subjects and make yours sound vaguely PS-ish.

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Thank you! That information is really helpful. I read that the homeschooling department had been dissolved, but I didn’t think about what that would really mean. That makes sense that the other department would not be familiar with the homeschool curriculum providers. I feel much more confident creating our own courses now!

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