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RSO Biology Level 2 Reviews (xposted)


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(This post is also xposted on the logic stage board.   I wasn't getting any replies there, so I thought I would move it over here.)


I am looking for a Biology program for my son to use in 6th grade.   He is my "little professor" child who LOVES science.   Right now he says he wants to be a wildlife biologist someday.   :)   


Can anyone review RSO Biology Level 2 for me?    How did you like it?   Was there enough content? 

Also, would this course be enough to prepare him to take an AP Biology class once high school comes along?  Or would I need to plan another year of "regular" high school biology before?   


His younger sister (16 months age difference, 5th grade) would probably be tagging along with us too.   She is not that into science.   However, she is so close in age, that she naturally wants to be included in her brother's science.   Do you think that would be a problem with this course?

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