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Challenge Math and Challenging Word Problems, similar?

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So, to any of you who have used Challenge Math and CWP, how similar are the two? DS used to really enjoy CWP at first, but as soon as he realized that a problem was similar to the previous problem he got bored. So, before purchasing Challenge Math I'm trying to determine if there is enough variety to hold DS's attention.




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Share on other sites didn't say which grade level. There are three books out in the Challenge Math series. There are not very many problems in the Primary Challenge book. He includes several levels, so you can start with the easiest and work your way up. There are 5 problems per level. In the other two, there are multiple problem sets for each chapter with many more problems to work.

Other possible resources to consider is the Hard Math series by Glenn Ellison, Cleo Borac competitive math books, MOEM books, and Beast Academy.

I wouldn't say that CWP and the Challenge Math series are similar at all. I find value in multiple math resources. Perhaps, your student would enjoy moving around topically in the CWP book and only doing a page of problems and looping through all the chapters to create breaks from similar type problems. I can understand being bored with working a series of volume questions day after day.

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They're just set up very differently with very different goals. The problems are similar in the Zaccaro books in each section, but, IMHO, they move up in difficulty more clearly than in the CWP, where they're more of a mix in each chapter. I think this is almost impossible to predict. I mean, *any* math book is going to have some problems that are the same. It's great if you have a kid that can master something in one problem, but most kids need to practice it with variations. If you're looking for a book that completely mixes up the problem types entirely, then the Zaccaro books don't do that.

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