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  1. Hello, Could someone with a copy of Harold Jacobs Geometry 2e Test Masters tell me if the book has multiple tests for each chapter? One of the things that I loved about his Elementary Algebra was the fact that there were four tests for each chapter. That way a child could do a redo test without me having to look for new sets of questions to use. ; ) Thanks, Debbie
  2. Purchased acting with an accent mp3 as well! The Hive saves the day!
  3. Thanks, I will add stereotypical to the search
  4. Really! Could you send me a link. Everything I was finding was considerably more expensive.
  5. Dd is especially wanting a clip of a female voice. Easier for her to imitate, especially with the time restraint. Thanks everyone!
  6. Actually, we are in South Carolina. ; )
  7. I actually ran across the first link, that was the only sample that I found without foul language. I had forgotten about that. I'll be sure to have them listen to that. Also, if your kids get bored and you don't mind I would love to have another long sample of someone speaking with a New England accent. Another thought, would I do well to look for local news reports? I figure that the reporters won't have much of an accent, but the locals probably will. Thanks for the links! Debbie
  8. I actually saw this, but we don't have a whole lot of time to invest in learning the accent and therefore don't want to spend $50 either. Just at least want a gist so that they have a better chance at getting a part. It looks like an amazing product and I'll definitely start earlier next time they're planning to be in a play. Thanks for the review on the product!
  9. Hello Hive, Two of my kids are going to, Lord willing, be in Our Town this summer. They would like to be able to hear a legitimate New Hampshire accent before they audition. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where they can hear a good long sample. Especially of a female voice. I am having trouble finding a sample online that doesn't have foul language in it. Thanks so much! Debbie Thanks
  10. Hello All, Does anyone know where I can find an example of a compare and contrast essay? Or would someone be willing to share their child's paper? I am trying to find an example for my 9th grader and am having a hard time finding anything that is a fairly simple essay. Thanks so much! Debbie
  11. KathyBC how many cups of veggies total for the amount of seasoning and oil that you listed? Thanks, Debbie
  12. Hello all, I am trying to bring a bit more variety onto the dinner plate (or bowl). Would you please share your favorite recipe for winter squash? Thanks, Debbie
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