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  1. Hello All, Does anyone know where I can find an example of a compare and contrast essay? Or would someone be willing to share their child's paper? I am trying to find an example for my 9th grader and am having a hard time finding anything that is a fairly simple essay. Thanks so much! Debbie
  2. KathyBC how many cups of veggies total for the amount of seasoning and oil that you listed? Thanks, Debbie
  3. Hello all, I am trying to bring a bit more variety onto the dinner plate (or bowl). Would you please share your favorite recipe for winter squash? Thanks, Debbie
  4. Hello all, I am looking to add to our collection of picture books about saints. Which is your favorite book about St. Valentine? Thanks!
  5. Any ideas as to what to use for Algebra 2 after using Jacobs for Algebra 1?
  6. Does the series cover the traditional topics taught in Algebra 2? We used Harold Jacobs for Algebra 1 and can't find an option for Algebra 2 that doesn't seem overwhelming. Thanks, Debbie
  7. Hello all, My kids and I love the Harold Jacobs Elementary Algebra and Geometry books. Has anyone found an Algebra 2 text that has the same feel to it? Engaging and not for naught? I really do prefer a physical textbook as opposed to an online approach. Thanks, Debbie
  8. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a difference between the 2001 and 2006 editions of Prentice Hall's Algebra 2 with Trig. I need to buy a Teacher's Manual and it would be helpful to know if I could buy either one; they have the same cover on the picture, but I don't know if that means anything. Thanks so much! Debbie
  9. Hello all, Does anyone know if there is an audiobook version of Richmond Lattimore's The Odyssey? I've found a great reading of The Illiad on Audible and have gotten spoiled. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks so much! Debbie
  10. I'm thinking about getting the tests from either the 2nd or 3rd edition to use now that ds has finished going through the text. I want to have something to gauge that he has actually retained what he has learned. Even if the books don't use the same sequence, by the end of the year he should be able to do the tests. At least an end of the year test for the sake of records. Thoughts?
  11. So, I'm assuming that there are tests and an answer key that go along with the second edition. Yes, no?
  12. From when I was thinking about a geometry book to get, I thought I remembered another member, mathwonk, mentioned that he likes the first edition. Googling "jacobs geometry mathwonk" led right to his quote: "i looked in vain for the promised review of these books. I am a longtime fan of harold jacobs' book, first edition, which my 8 year old enjoyed, and was saddened by the watering down of the 3rd edition, rendering it less fun and less rigorous at the same time! that is hard to do, but they not only took out much of the wonderful discussion of proofs and logic, enlivened by hilarious rhymes and puzzles from lewis carroll, but also removed many of the witty cartoons, replacing them with unfunny ones, as if not only logic but also cleverness were evil somehow in learning geometry." No mention of the second edition, but mathwonk is a professional mathematician--I think a geometer even--so if he likes the first edition I'm sure it's good. He seems to prefer the earlier editions of most books, actually. Reference Okay, so I found it. It WASNT on this board. HA. But someone did recommend it. I'm not losing my mind. ?
  13. Zoo Keeper, thank you for the very detailed comparison. Kai, I don't remember who it was, but I wouldn't have ventured to buy a first edition without a recommendation. Maybe this is what it was they liked better. I don't remember. I'll have to see if I can figure it out. Thanks again, Debbie
  14. Based on some recommendations that I read previously on this board I decided to purchase Harold Jacobs Geometry 1e. I can't remember if the person that used it mentioned what they used in lieu of tests. Soooooo, if anyone knows how I can get my hands on tests to match 1e or has any ideas I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Debbie
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