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Memoria Press AP Latin course, anybody take it?

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Ok, I am looking into what to do for Latin for the rest of this year and next. I talked to MP, to see what they suggest from where we are. I am looking at having dd take their AP course next year (11th grade, ) at this point.


So I want to know, from those that took their online course, what did your student do for latin before that? Did anybody straight homeschool it with no online courses before then?  I have a couple of options (at home, not an online class this year,) to do for 10th grade. Right now she is finishing up 4th Form. She has so far received a Perfect Paper on the level 1 NLE and a Gold on the level II NLE. I am trying to pick the course for the rest of this year before the Level III exam this winter and the AP course next year. 

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