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YouTube videos for basics, add your favorites


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So, a fellow tutor recently started a YouTube channel, her videos are great for beginners.  She is adding more and will eventually teach all the sounds, if your child is having trouble with a certain sound, this is an easy supplement:




Most of my videos are for older students, but I have a few for younger ones, the Know Sight Words and Fast Phonics Facts are especially good for young children on my Phonics in Order series, and "W can be a vowel" is fun when you get to 2 letter vowel teams:




I also have a few videos for the teacher about how to do phonics games and how to make phonics fun, including a few links to a homeschool mom whose games look fun, I am looking for good videos to add to this playlist:




Don Potter's videos are good for teacher tips, he had trouble accessing his old channel and has moved here, he moved over some of his more popular old videos and will upload all new videos here:




And, any more favorites in any category, add away!


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