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Fitness app or website that doesn't require sign-up/sign-in?

Lady Florida.

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Is there such a thing? Years ago when the field of fitness tracking and calorie counting wasn't yet saturated, I used to use Lose-It. Even that one now it seems, requires  a sign-up.


I have a Samsung phone and Samsung Heath is okay but not great. I don't want to sign up. It doesn't have to be free, but I don't want a subscription. I'm willing to pay a one time cost for the app, but not ongoing. I don't need/want rah-rah's or any kind of motivation. I don't want to "connect" with others. I just want a decent food and calorie burning/calorie counting database and a way to keep track. But I want it to be stand alone. Does that even exist? Should I just stick with what I have?

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