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Math Phrases

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I haven't been on the boards in years as we no longer hs. However I have started seeing kids in a private practice setting - not really tutoring, but kinda.


Anyway ... I have a rising 7th grader that needs math support. For the life of me I cannot remember all the things my girls learned in Saxon. I recall equal groups, part-part-whole, and that's about it. Does anyone have a cheat-sheet or website or blog they could point me toward?




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I think the dictionary will work. Thanks!


I want him to be able to identify different kinds of problems/equations.


We've been working with basic vocabulary like addend, divisor, factor, product, etc. So he now understands when I ask him what the missing factor is or 4 divided by 2 is set up a specific way ... which is the dividend and which is the divisor? The answer is the quotient.

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