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College and personal insurance question


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DD had both our health insurance and her college health insurance last year. This year, I planned to change our health insurance to a plan that would cover her in her university's state. But there was only one option for OOS coverage at the time, and it was an additional $400/month (and a higher deductible, office visits, etc)! So, we stayed with a less expensive plan - but now have to pay nearly $2k for her to again have university's health care insurance.


Do your health plans cover Out of State students? Everyone isn't doubling up on insurance, so what are we doing wrong? Is it that the plans we have available to us are more limited than others have? I'm perplexed beyond belief and frustrated that we pay for a full-time at-home plan (and she's only here 3 months out of the year) and a school-year plan.


There are no in-network carriers in her state on our plan. Health care is confusing as it is - but I remember one dd was ill when we were traveling years ago and our health plan at the time covered the urgent care facility we took her to. Why is it different now?


We are shelling out thousands for her health care and she went to the doctor during her first semester - and that was IT! It's beyond frustrating, but I'm not sure how to fix it.


DH has insurance through his employer, but for the family to be on the (BCBS) work-plan, it's nearly three times the monthly cost of what it is to get a (BCBS) plan on our own. I'm guessing the work insurance is so expensive because it's a micro-company and the boss's wife has had some extremely high-cost, serious health issues over the past five years.


So. What am I missing or not understanding about this process? Or is this just - it? :huh:  She has to know by the 1st if she's signing up for the school's health plan again...

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Our BCBS plan covers OOS students but only if the area where DD's college has coverage under the plan which it does. It strikes me that either your coverage is more limited than ours or the location where your student is going doesn't have coverage by BCBS.


The insurance requirement was a shock to us and I was quite relieved when I figured out that our own coverage worked.

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