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vent: frustrated with myself learning online application steps


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So I'm old. 


I used to apply for jobs with a printed resume and/or a hand filled out paper application. 


I just applied for two jobs on a website for the agency. The agency has a "master application" that you complete and use again. I did a master application over a year ago for a job I applied for back then. That app was sort of a lark and I had a feeling I wouldn't be chosen for an interview. The way the site is set up you can see how your application proceeds through some levels of internal vetting--there are notices for met minimum qualifications, met preferred qualifications, etc. Which is nice for me because I can sort of see what I'm missing, what I need to get experience with or certifications for. So, making that application last year helped me to tighten up my resume and get better experience. 


Back to today. I have a terrible week ahead starting this afternoon. The jobs I saw that looked good for me and for which I definitely have good qualifications were posted yesterday and close Wed. So I could only get stuff done today. 


Between the master application and the first job I submitted my edits on references did not go through. It looks like that was the only mistake. I caught and fixed for the second job. It's not that big a mistake. But one of the three people I listed is no longer someone I can count on (he was appropriate a little over a year ago). Hopefully, they don't call him. 


Plus, I just hate to make mistakes. Especially, ones that I know are related to basic editing/proof reading. 

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I totally get this. I am SO comfortable with 20th-century technology, which helps me not at all today. LOL.  I am just finishing up grad school, and one of my younger classmates asked me a question about my undergrad program and online classes and I had to tell her, "When I did my undergrad, the internet had not been invented yet." :laugh:


Everything tech-based takes a long time to complete and then, as a perfectionist, I worry that some dumb mistake will take me out of the running completely. Excel has been my nemesis all year.


Good luck on the job hunt!

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