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James Madison or Snake and Fox for Logic?

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I'm looking for a logic program that my 12 yo and I can do together. She is working at a 10th grade and up level right now, and college level in science. She expressed interest in doing logic after I let her read TWTM. It needs to be secular, and its needs to be something where I can learn beside her. I'm leaning towards James Madison Critical Thinking because I think she would like the detective style story, but I can't find a lot of reviews which makes me leary. Snake and the Fox was recommended over on the K-8 board for her, but it seems lacking in reviews as well. Ideas?

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James Madison is very good. The detective aspect can be frustrating because there aren't solutions to the mysteries; they just sort of act as hooks for the lessons. So if that's the major draw I wouldn't get it.


There are some parts at the very beginning regarding subjectivity and objectivity that were sort of hard for me to fully get (and I consider myself pretty intelligent). I wrote to the company and even their explanations weren't excellent. But we just moved on and it's been smooth sailing. My bright 12 year old enjoys it and even asks to do more than what I would plan. We also do it together and it's a fun part of our day.

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