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7th/8th grade Language Arts


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I have been teaching my two who are 13 months apart ever since the beginning.  As they are getting older they have no desire to learn together but I still buy the same material just teach separately.  Here is what I have on hand for Language Arts department.  


Rod & Staff English 7th and 8th grade

Rod & Staff Spelling 7th and 8th

IEW B (first time using)

These two have some writing issues.  I have tried Writing Strands which worked for my oldest but for some reason these two are just not meshing well. I have always wanted to use IEW and now I can.


Wordly Wise 3000

Red Herring

Mind Benders

Editor In Chief

Critical Thinking Book 1

Obviously I am not using all of these books at once.  Just like the first time thru, we do one book at a time as many pages/problems my child wishes to do on the day I have it written.  Critical Thinking Book  1 and Editor In Chief is new to us this year. 


The Jungle Book

The Secret Garden

Treasure Island

Swiss Family Robinson

Pilgrims Progress

Banner in the Sky

Endless Steppe

Homeless Bird

Misty of Chincoteague

Island of the Blue Dolphins

The Black Stallion

King of the Wind


I have actually purged our 'library'. 90% of all our books were donated, tossed or sold.  I could have had my own little library I had so many books but have decided only to keep certain books that are actual favorite and gone digital on quite a few now. It's weird but besides that, these are a few books that I have found and decided to make these the mandatory literature books before they get tossed into the donation box at the local book store.


Soo, sound like a decent game plan?


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Sounds good to me!  My 7th grader is reading Island of the Blue Dolphins right now and is really enjoying it.  We're using the Progeny Press study guide with it and she likes the story and discussion (you don't have to use the study guide, I'm just adding that on there - we've never used Progeny Press before).  Anyway, I think this might be one of her favorite books.


Also, Misty of Chincoteague and King of the Wind - even *I* enjoyed those books (they were read-alouds here).   :tongue_smilie:


Red Herring Mysteries was a huge hit here, too.

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Your plan looks great. I use many of those programs and have gotten excellent results.


If you find you don't like Wordly Wise, try Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop workbooks. If you find you don't like Editor in Chief, try Evan Moor Daily Paragraph Editing. Then you plan would be almost exactly like mine. LOL

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