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Help with writing for next year?


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DS has finished levels 1 & 2 of WWE and 1-3 of FLL. He loves FLL and dislikes WWE. He loves to write and writes well for his age. WWE was the only "battle" we had this year - and by battle I mean he just didn't love doing it. It wasn't horrible, but I'm wondering if there's something better for him out there. 


He loves to write using Pages (like Microsoft Word, but for Mac). He just finished his 8th book and is working on his 9th. Book number 8 had almost 50 pages and 9700+ words. I'll cut and paste a sample of his latest. 


Any favorite curriculums for kids that like to write? He just turned 9 last month and will be in 4th next year. He loves Minecraft and loves writing about it.





“Who said that?†asked Steve.


Everyone in the group quickly reached for their swords and spread out to find the source of the mysterious voice. 


“Don’t move too far from one another,†said Addie. “We don’t want to get separated. If that is a griefer, they’ll be able to cause more harm if we’re not together.†


Steve spotted a stranger with a blue shirt, tan pants, dark brown hair and holding a diamond sword.


“I found someone!†Steve called out to his friends.


They walked over to the stranger and Addie asked, “Who are you and why are you threatening us?†


“I, um, I d-d-didn’t realize that there were eight of you,†stammered the stranger. “I’ll just go back to m-mining, sorry to bother you.†


Steve was angry. “You were going to try to rob us, weren’t you? You didn’t back down until you realized you were outnumbered!â€


“We should build a jail and lock you up in it,†said Addie angrily. “It’s what you deserve, trying to steal and intimidate.â€


“No! Don’t trap me!†pleaded the stranger. “I’m innocent.â€


“Then why were you trying to steal our diamonds?†Steve was angry and annoyed.


“Um, uh. . . when I saw the diamonds, I wanted to take them so I could craft myself diamond armor,†said the man.


“That’s called stealing,†scolded Steve. “And it’s wrong to steal.â€



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Wow! No advice, but I just wanted to say he's doing great! Maybe an online writing course? Someone posted here recently about an online writing class out of TN. I can't remember the name, but it sounds perfect for your son. The OP said her daughter loved it, and like your son, loved to write and was an aspiring author. I hope they see this and chime in :)

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Thank you!! I hadn't started looking at anything yet because I was happy in my WWE bubble.  :lol:


I'll check into both of your recommendations. 


I plan to continue with FLL for grammar- he enjoys it and I love it as well. He's a great speller, so I was thinking of adding English from the Roots up or Vocabulary from Classical Roots next year in place of spelling. 

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Do you have the hardcover little WWE teacher manual. I prefer just that to the workbooks. It really can be used to make up your own lessons. Ruth Beechick's The Three R's is a nice complement to the WWE TM.


I just wrote this in another post. Sorry for being repetitious. But my answer really is the same to both of you.

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