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For variety of reasons, we've yet to land firmly on ds 11th grade schedule for 2017-18. Who has used The Potter's School for AP classes? If you don't mind, please share:

1) What class(es) you dc(s) took;

2) Year of class;

3) Teacher name;

4) Score on AP test.


We're most interested in AP calc BC and AP English, but all experiences welcome. We thought we were set for AoPS calculus next year, but class night conflicts with ds' Boy Scouts. He pleaded to do it anyway and read transcript later; mean parents said no. :-(


Thank you!

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AP World, 14-15, Mr. Mailand, 3

AP US, 15-16, Mr. Mailand, 3

AP Lang, 16-17, Mrs. Troxell, ?


Sorry I can't give you a score for the Lang, but I can tell you that my dd felt very well prepared for the test. All the above classes were taken by the same dd. She's taken several classes with Mrs. Troxell and really enjoyed her as a teacher and has made a tremendous amount of progress as a writer.


Just so you know, she has taken other AP Classes from other vendors and done very well with them and on the tests (4s).


Also, she did take Calc AB with PA Homeschoolers this year with Mrs. Gilleran. She really enjoyed that class and again felt well prepared for the test, and my dd is not a mathy type person.


Hope this helps.

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