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Exchange WWE and FFL for Rod and Staff?

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Could I get some input and opinions from all you wonderful ladies?


Currently I am using WWE and FFL. I like them and think they do a good job, but we start getting bored with the repetition of reading stories and asking comprehension questions, narration, etc. especially we do this for history and to some extent science as well. It would also be nice to have those two book basically in one. If I understand correctly, the Rod and Staff English does this, is that right? Could that replace WWE and FLL? Not sure if I want to go that route, but would like to get some more thoughts and have some clarification.


Thanks all!

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R&S does have complete grammar and composition exercises. It does not cover dictation though, so you do need to add that in somewhere if it is important to you. The grammar is fantastic. The writing does the job in the early years. I have had my older kids do WWS later alongside it and other things.

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You could also skip the parts in WWE and FLL that overlap.  :)  Remember, those were written to be standalone books and do not assume you have both.  Also, WWE is there to ensure the child has all ground covered.   If, on the other hand, you feel your child is doing too much reading, writing, dictation, narration, etc.  you are probably right.  It is enough for me to dictate once or twice for Language Arts, and then later for History or Science on the same session.


I also make up my own exercises, like "fill in the blank" sentences.  Or label words correctly as a verb, adjective, etc.

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