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Literature suggestions for 11yo son

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This past year we did LL7.  A bit above his grade-level but he's a good reader so I gave it a try.  The writing and other assignments (he did the comp questions) were a little much so I just focused on the reading. 

I'm not sure what to use this coming year.  He does like to read but he's really picky.  However, if it's in the curriculum and I say, "Read this...and do this lesson." he will.  Even though he does like to read, he'll tell you that he does not like the library (a huge change after three girls who adored going to the library every week!!). 

I would really like something that has comprehension questions, activities to engage his response, short writing assignments perhaps, etc.  More than just me giving him a book list.  I have considered putting together a book list with books that have units available on TPT but I'm wondering what options are out there besides LL, LLATL, and OM. 

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Mosdos maybe? My oldest is only in 6th grade, but we're using Mosdos this year and it has the things you're requesting. If you're wanting books (not just selections, stories, etc), we've used a few Memoria Press lit guides with the corresponding novel. I like them, but I don't use a whole year of them, just one or two.

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