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Latin SAT Subject Test

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My dd is going to take this in a couple of weeks.  She took a practice test out of the big book with all the SAT subject tests in it and did very well, but she wants to do as well as she possibly can.  I have the REA test prep book and she's going to study a couple of chapters a day in that, but it only has 2 practice tests in it.  What else can she do to prepare?  What we'd really like is more practice tests.  Is there anywhere else we can get those?  TIA!

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FYI - I just subscribed to an online site so that my dd could have a couple of extra practice tests to practice her timing/strategy on.  I'm not sure how good it is because she hasn't used either of the tests yet, but I'm passing along the info in case anyone else is taking the Latin subject test this weekend. http://www.shmoop.com/


My dd went through the entire REA book and got the exact same score that she got prior to going through it, lol.  She is scoring on the high end, though, so it may have less to do with the book than that she's just topping out at that score.  

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It's been four years since I had a student take the SAT 2 Latin, but those REA tests and the big book of released SAT 2 exams were the only full reliable practice exams available then. The only other things we did were to practice a few reading passages & questions from the Excelability text (not particularly for SAT 2 prep but still helpful) and work through some old NLE level 3 prose & poetry tests.

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