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Been Gone a while... Chemistry for a 10th grader

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Ok, so I've been gone a while.  We made the move from GA to NC, and with selling, buying, and home improvements, I'm just now getting to planning for next year.  I'll have a 10th grader.  Here's what I have for her schedule so far...


English 2- banned books themed

Geometry- Math without Borders

Chemistry- ?

Modern World History- The Classical Historian

German 3- GaVS




What are you or did you use for Chemistry and why?  I know there is a list pinned to the top of the forum, and I have looked.  I'm having a hard time deciding.  I am NOT a science person, but my daughter is.  She did Campbell and Reese Biology this year with a Landry Academy Lab Intensive.  She plans on majoring in a science field and going to vet school.  I'm considering CK-12 with lab kit for Chemistry.  I've looked at Holt, but I'm not sure that it's enough.  This is her last year of science at home.  She'll be Dual Enrolling for science after that at UNC Wilmington.  I'd love to hear what worked for you and why.  Thanks!

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My 10th grader did both Apologia and BJU DLO. She felt Apologia was too easy, and since we didn't want to be way out of sequence she repeated with BJU. BJU was a TON more thorough. I have no yardstick to measure it, but I think with some prep an AP exam pass would not be unreasonable.

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DD16 just finished up Chemistry last week.  She used the Zumdahl Introductory Chemistry book and a syllabus I modified from Let's Not Burn Down the House http://sarah40.wordpress.com


The book is excellent and definitely not easy.  We watched a lot of videos, both ones referenced in the syllabus and ones we found on Khan Academy and other sites to make sure DD16 had the concepts down solid.


We used the All Lab No Lecture book referenced in the syllabus along with a lab kit from the Hoe Scientist,  I am not sure I would use that book again.  The labs were excellent and we actually had ZERO failures but the manual layout was awkward.  I prefer a really clear layout with required materials and equipment all listed right at the beginning, along with appropriate substitutions.  I disliked having to hunt through the pages for each lab trying to pull together what we would need for each week.   YMMV but doing it again, I would probably order the kit from QSL and figure out which lab goes with each chapter myself.

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