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Here's the context to how that study was brought in in the first place:

"When asked if one should choose a behavioral approach or Social Thinking® approach, Winner has answered, “rather than argue whether a student should receive ABA or Social Thinking, instead we should continue to explore how we can merge the best ideas from both treatments into one intervention approach for our higher functioning students†(Winner 2010). This, of course, goes against the empirical evidence that an eclectic approach is not an effective intervention for individuals diagnosed with ASD (Howard et al. 2014). Unfortunately, an eclectic approach can have serious negative consequences for an individual diagnosed with ASD and for their families. For one, an eclectic approach may reduce the intensity of ABA and, therefore, children will not receive the proper amount of hours necessary to make meaningful changes. Second, eclecticism may dilute the effectiveness of the ABA approach by implementing procedures that are not conceptually consistent with ABA-based procedures. Finally, it can be a waste of both time and money for the parents as it will not have the same effects as a pure ABA approach."


They were trying to support that ABA should not be used with other approaches. It was a general comment and I clarified that I didn't care or agree with their comments specifically concerning ABA.


Anyway, no point! We can all see what we choose to see!

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I know this will make people angry at me, but at risk of sounding like I'm wagging my finger...


Sarah came here looking for help in a difficult situation. Discussing whether methodologies are legitimate might have started as well-intentioned, but at this point it's just bickering, and it's not going to go anywhere. Would it be possible to take a step back?


With that said, ST has been immensely helpful for my daughter. She's (probably) not on the spectrum, no ToM issues, which might make a difference, but she had definite social issues before she started with ST materials at home, in a social skills class, and now at school. Things aren't perfect, but she's now able to have real, meaningful back and forth conversations with friends, and I've actually seen her on the playground with kids who are reacting in "unexpected" ways, trying to show them how the way they act might make other people feel. Medication and mindfulness have allowed her the seconds of breathing room to use what she's learned, and in most of her interactions you'd never guess she wasn't neurotypical. I'm not taking sides, I'm not saying which methodology might be best, but in this case the "pseudoscience," along with other helps, has definitely worked.

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I know this will make people angry at me, but at risk of sounding like I'm wagging my finger...

Not angry at you at all! I just wish everyone shared their experiences, as you did, instead of their opinions on what others should or shouldn't use. That was my whole point!


All the best,



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