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This is good, right?

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A week ago I posted a picture my son drew of a person. After a full week of intense OT work, I repeated the test out of curiosity. I feel like it's a significant change for a week... it's showing improvement, right?





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lol, yes it's tornadoes - each quadrant has a tornado. Every picture he has ever drawn for me is of a storm. Except for the painting he made a couple days ago of a "rainbow" (which was a huge thing for me - the raindrops in the picture were a side note rather than the focus of the painting!)


We aren't officially "going" to OT, we just met with a friend who is an OT and got a bunch of stuff to do at home while we wait for our eval at the end of summer. I've never been one to do anything half-way when I decide to do it properly. We are doing the following:


Theraputic brushing followed by joint compressions to all joints every 1.5-2 hours every day all day from waking to sleeping.

We spend time jumping on the couch (b/c we don't have another good option) twice a day,

swinging time in a hammock at least 2x a day.

We use an electric tooth brush for teeth brushing 2x a day,

various "deep pressure" activities at least 2x a day. 

Outside playtime daily (including things like chalk drawings, trucks in the mud, etc. that involve lots of different textures)

Dedicated "messy play" time daily (things like cars and trains driving in split peas, one day we played with a tub with a cup of sugar poured in the bottom, the shaving cream was too much for him right now, so we are doing things that don't "stick" to you as much yet, rice play, etc.)

A deep pressure massage to arms/legs/back with lavender oil at bedtime. 

Omega 3 twice a day plus his regular vitamin.


I'm NOT seeing much change in behavior yet, although he is having fewer accidents (going from never making it to the bathroom to making it probably half the time?) and he's willing to sit on my lap to receive love through touch when he's waking up in the morning and when he gets hurt. (both are HUGE improvements).


That said, he had a meltdown at Church yesterday because they changed the room he usually goes into. Still a long way to go, but hopefully we are on the right track!

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Good for you for being proactive! It takes time to tackle all the challenges but the drawing shows improvement. Hoping for the best outcome on the upcoming evals.

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