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I think I've asked this before.... can't remember lol

But I need to know:


How long do these books take to do each day?


Does it require a lot of teacher/mom?


Is it doable for 3 different kids doing 3 different levels and still keep my sanity???


Can I just "throw" them into it without having done the earlier levels?


Thanks :)

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Takes 20-60 min depending on lesson and child.


A critical portion is the starting story and the discussion (Talk About it and Going Deeper sections) which absolutely need mom. Also need mom for dictation. Some of the other sections could be done with a start from mom.


I can't really speak to your sanity, and I don't know what else you'll be using (because that makes a big difference). But my thought is I teach writing to each of my kids because it is a skill they need input on, and this program takes no more time than most, save workbook programs. How old are your kids? Could you combine?

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