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Egyptian Arabic resources

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Al-kitaab from Georgetown Univ. Press is what my college arabic class is using right now. That one book covers a full year in college.  It comes with audio/video CD and optional online activities (requires purchase).  It covers MSA, Egyptian and some Levantine.  It covers a large amount of grammar, along with having an emphasis on listening comprehension skills (assuming speaking would be done with classmates).  If you haven't already gone through the alphabet plus definite articles and root word patterns, you could start with Alif Baa (first semester college book).


I don't know if that's what you are looking for.

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What about movies?  There are tons of movies in Egyptian dialect...in fact, I would guess most movies coming out of the Middle East are from Egypt, especially the older movies.  I did a quick search on google and dozens of links came up, as well as movies on Youtube.

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