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Help me pick 4th grade Math

Plateau Mama

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My son is good at math, he picks up concepts quickly but he HATES it. He hates having to do the steps so he try's to skip them then gets frustrated that things dont work. He hates having to do multiple problems. etc.


We did Saxon K-3 and stopped midway because he kept complaining about how easy it was. I hated the scripted so i wasn't sad to see it go. He was in 2nd grade.


Then we did Math Mammoth for a couple of months, maybe less. Tears. Every Single day. Still Second grade.


I switched to Singapore and we breeze through 2A & 2B.


Summer we started Singapore 3A. Did a lesson a day. No problem.


3rd grade. Finished 3A, started having tears so we slowed down a bit. Started 3B. Tears. Every Single Day. Stopped a few months ago and weve been doing a Charlot Mason pet shop simulation. The plan was we'd go thru this quickly and then cover the other topics from Singapore in other, more hands on ways. It has taken us forever to do the simulation.


So i am at a loss as to what to do next year. This summer i am going to do the other hands on stuff i was planning and hope he is back track again for next year. I cannot do this hands on stuff permanently. Its just too much work on my part and it won't get done.


I'm open to suggestions but here are the options i an considering.


Go back to Saxon. 5/4 or wherever he tests. Do a set time each day and sit with him to keep him on track. The only reason i am considering it is he will be going to school the following year and this is what they use.


Try Singapore again now that he has had a break. Finish 3B this summer and start 4A in Fall.


CLE, although I used that several years ago for summer work with my daughter and the number of errors was astounding so I'm hesitant to try it again.


Something online? This is appealing to me because he might enjoy the lesson if its not from me.


CTC is intriguing, but im not convinced it's enough. Would that be better as an extra?

Monarch, i was looking at this but reviews seem to be negative.

Anything else?

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