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Heart of Dakota Missions to Moderns

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We've used it! :) We found it very interesting. It covers historical events very well, including missions, but not focused solely on it. Missions to Modern Marvels, just states the time frame being studied....modern times.


Was it your first time using HOD? What did you like about it and what, if anything did you like the least? Did you find it flowed well? How about the recommended extension readers? Did they relate to the history topics currently being studied or were they just of the time period? I've never used HOD and I'm considering it for next year so any info would be great. 

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This is our 6th year using HOD. I've used this guide once before, and am preparing to use it again next year. I loved this guide quite a bit, maybe partly due to the fact that we're getting closer to "our time" in history. ;) We've always really enjoyed the book choices with HOD. A lot of thought went into the planning and writing of these guides, and the assignments and activities scheduled are very purposeful and well timed. One favorite that I didn't think would be a favorite, was the reading of primary source material...letters and speeches, etc. They provided excellent opportunities to really understand this time (and the people involved) in history better. My dc really connected with what they were learning. *I* learned so much, myself! :D There's also a lot of opportunities to make tasty recipes, and construct cool projects. If we came across a project my ds wasnt into, we just skipped it and moved on....no big deal. You need to feel free to make it work for you. ;) I love that with HOD there's always a nice mix of audio/visual opportunities for learning, as well as hands on projects and games. We felt it all flowed very well. :)


The only thing I didn't like about it the first time around was cost. We didn't do the Presidents Study, or the science, due to money being tight, so I just used some things we already had for science. I'm excited to purchase the last few things well need for next year (for the next sibling), and be able to do those parts as well. Even without those things, we had such a great year.


I can't speak to the extension books, as my student was within the target age range, so we didn't need the extension set. We did get the read-aloud set, which was absolutely wonderful. We loved every book! They did connect very well to the history portion. It was fun seeing my ds make those connections as we went along. I know HOD isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for our family it's been a great fit. ;)

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Thanks momtofive - Do you have high schoolers using HOD now as well? My older two are in college so this is my last one (rising 8th grade) and we are considering a departure from what I've been using for history/literature for several years even though I like it a lot. There is something about this HOD guide that just looks excellent. We would probably use the Presidents Study but not the science. We have Guest Hollow Physics planned and if I divert from that there will be mutiny LOL. 


HOD is going to be at our convention in early June so I'm going to get to see it before making a decision but I really like what I'm seeing so far. 

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Yes, I have high schoolers using HOD right now. My oldest is finishing up 11th grade using US History 1, and my 9th grader is finishing up World Geography. I've tried a few different things for high school, but we came running back to HOD, and that's where we'll stay. We just really like the program, and it's been a good fit all around. Some years I use a lot of their components (like science), and other years we use something else. Just depends on the year, and what we need for that particular student at that point. ;) Guest Hollow has some pretty cool stuff, so I can see why your student is excited about that! :D


Glad you'll get a chance to look things over at convention. One thing that always bugged me in the past was the feeling like I had to 'do it all' or do everything 'as written'. Don't let that feeling creep in. Just do what works best for your students, and make it your own. Once I started realizing that, we really blossomed with using curricula to meet our needs. ;)


Best wishes...and enjoy your convention!! :D

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