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How do you make a class an honors course?

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I am wondering what the difference is between a regular class and an honors course.  For example, my dd is doing Oak Meadow biology this year.  We are supplementing with Late Nite Labs.  We were supposed to do a Landry Biology Lab Intensive, but that didn't work out.  My older sons went to public school and their honors biology class wasn't nearly as thorough as dd's Oak Meadow course.  Do I need to add more to the course so I can list it as honors on her transcript?  What about other subjects?  We are outsourcing English and that is considered by the provider to be an honors course, but it doesn't seem any more rigorous than the classes we are doing at home.  Same with my sons' honors courses in public high school - I don't really know what the difference is between what they did in ps compared to what dd is doing at home. 


My dd is very bright and I feel that she is being challenged and learning from the subjects we are using, but I want her transcript to show honors-level courses if possible.  What can I do to achieve that?  



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