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Lost Tools of Writing vs Writing With Skill

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I started Writing With Skill I with my sixth grader this fall, but she was so reluctant with it that I switched to just doing written narrations across the curriculum. Next year I was planning on trying again with WWS, but a friend gave me her set of Lost Tools of Writing 1 (she was ditching CC). The books look well structured, and I'm thinking I could combine next year with her sister, who will be in 6th next year. Could anyone speak to their experiences with these? Both of these kids have been doing narrations (heavily CM overall) and I'm looking for the transition into writing longer essays.  TIA!


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LTOW is a change from the narration/expository path of WWS. I have used level 1 of both. WWS focuses on expository writing where as LTOW focuses on persuasive writing. The ability to narrate is important to use WWS, but it is less a part of the persuasive form. LTOW is a *thinking* curriculum as much as a writing one. I would base whether or not to bring your 6th grader into it on thinking skills. My 6th grader was not ready this year, and may be ready next year. My 8th grader was ready, and I can see LTOW being used more easily with older than younger kids. The program is deep, in the sense they are teaching the kids to think deeply about an issue before they ever take a stand on it. It teaches organization and style as well but where it stands out is in developing an idea worth writing about and speaking to that idea well.


That said, both types of writing - in WWS and LTOW - are important. I wouldn't hesitate to have your 6th grader use WWS and your older child use something else, and combine them both the *following* year for LTOW.

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