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  1. We had an awful time getting rid of pinworms (I have an autoimmune disorder, so maybe that my issue, but it took forever for me to get rid of mine once my kids got them). Pinworms are my personal hell, so I would avoid having people with it in my house if at all possible.
  2. My oldest was largely self taught - learned at age 4 mainly from learning letter sounds (remember that annoying Leapfrog letter sound fridge magnet set?) and following along when I ran my finger under the text I read aloud. My other three kids were not this way! She did eventually need to learn phonics for spelling, which she found incredibly tedious.
  3. White Bean Chili https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/white_chili/ Tortilla Soup https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/tortilla_soup/ Good basic Chili https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ree-drummond/simple-perfect-chili-recipe-2107099
  4. We have been using TOG this year. I bought one quarter online (it was Year 2 Unit 4 - to correspond to where we were in history) as well as Year 3 used print version. I have 7th, 6th, 4th and 2nd graders. Previously we have used Sonlight or Story of the World (with activity guide for lit / further history, maps and activities. After one semester I am basically done with TOG. I do not like the middle school (dialectic) book selections at all. I found them to be unnecessarily long and/ or repetitive. The lower and upper grammar were fine, but I think the real value of the program is being able t
  5. We are reading Hakim's US series right now, and I wouldn't do it with a Sonlight Core.
  6. Yep, we did it a while back (6 years ago), and while we weren't the best at getting out salicylates (in oranges, berries), we cut out everything else for a time. My kid's main sensitivity is artificial coloring, but artificial flavors are also an issue (including vanillin, which is often listed as natural). Knowing what to look for is huge. It hasn't solved all our problems, but it was one piece of the puzzle. We later found out that the same kid is also gluten intolerant (stomach and mood issues).
  7. Probably she was distracted or possibly very new / untrained. I was a cashier in high school, and I didn't last long. It was a rude awakening at how nasty people can be. People routinely do not acknowledge you, getting angry/abusive because their expired coupons don't work, or that they picked up the wrong item that they thought was on sale and its not ringing up as such. I was also sexually harassed on the daily (although I didn't know what to call it at the time) by both customers (Are you over 18? Do you have a boyfriend who satisfies you? I could take you home with me right now... et
  8. I don't go on facebook and tend to look to fringe or international news sources.
  9. This is what I usually make: http://adelightfulhome.com/diy-brown-sugar-vanilla-body-scrub/ I don't have a problem with residue. But I would think you could adjust the oil ratio if sensitive to that, or use a less "oily" oil - I use olive but maybe melted coconut (since it will re-solidify) would be better for that?
  10. My 11 year old is in her room / reading in bed by 8 and lights out by 9pm. Usually she's actually asleep before then, but her sister (9) is still reading until actual lights out. Different kids are different, but in our house everyone is always up between 6-7 - and since we have a small house and loud little kids, the big kids don't really have the option to sleep in. :glare:
  11. I am really close to my siblings; for me that means I live on the other side of the country so that means I text or talk on the phone with one of (four) of them about once a week. I would love to live in the same city or coast that most of them live, but my husband's job doesn't allow that at the moment. We are a lucky family, we had good parents and several intense medical traumas brought us close and kept us there. My husband is not like this at all. He has a brother that he never speaks to - I talk to him more than he does. So its really not a moral thing, its just how your family is,
  12. The point I was trying to share with the video is the zones - like fly lady but personalized - but if the images of multiple pillows is a deal killer, I get it. I take the inspiration where I can get it, ymmv.
  13. I was the same way, I wanted the dark gray, but my husband hated it inexplicably. We went we with the white because it was there and we got a good deal. White is supposed to be great for resale (although we usually drive our cars into the ground) and also white is supposed to be safer (maybe they are more visible)? I don't find them hard to keep looking clean, although to be honest I'm not super particular about that. I get a car wash once a month kind of regardless.
  14. If you like watching youtube videos, this lady has good ones on zone cleaning somewhat based on flylady. I started up zones after rejecting them originally (I guess just could never handle flylady's tone). I like how she has made up her own zones and there are many more than flylady's which makes more sense to me - it helped me do the same with my house. I also frequently will take multiple weeks to get through a zone because stuff comes up and I don't have time, but the point is that this is non-critical maintenance stuff, so as long as I'm generally tracking with it, its fine. I just make a
  15. My very anxious 11 year old just did a Safe Sitter course - I signed her up for exactly this reason! It's given her a lot of reassurance. She's super proud that she knows all about what to do if someone starts choking, and there was lots of info on various emergency situations, which she tends to obsess over. Having plans for all of those is comforting. She still isn't comfortable staying at home alone for along ( we've tried quick trips but she quickly feels stressed). But I think eventually she will get there and the class has helped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I totally get it. I worked as a receptionist (ahem, "client coordinator") while I was in college at a large and very upscale salon in a big city. The thing is that many people providing hair services are chatty because they are kind of expected by most people to be chatty. Most people are uncomfortable with silence. So if you are just upfront about not wanting to chat- once you've discussed what you want for your cut - most people will happily oblige and not think you are weird /rude. I might say something like, "just so you know, I have a bunch of kids at home, and I'm totally brain fried, s
  17. I vote for 2 - we had a similar situation (although it was moving from a depressing 1500 sq ft house with no yard in a scary, hostile neighborhood to a vintage/cute 1100 sq foot house with nice yard front and back and attached garage - that we use as storage and playroom. Night and day difference! The general *feel* of a house makes a huge difference, at least to those who are sensitive to such things. I actually just had a nightmare where we had to move back to the old place and woke up nearly in a panic attack. Your families health issues are even more important - if you feel like th
  18. I don't have nearly that many, but happy to be friends! :) Editing to add - I think you have to do it by email? That's just what it looks like from the website?
  19. This is what we do with Beast - my kids don't have the frustration tolerance to work through the practice books, but they love the guides. They aren't super expensive, so I think its a great supplement to another program.
  20. Right there with you - I am entirely too emotional it seems. Also, I change organizational systems too often (always trying to find something better....) We could totally have a support group for INFJs married to INTJs!
  21. I'm another INFJ married to an INTJ! Also identify with creative but rigid - I think that's absolutely an INFJ think too. Constantly tweaking systems, looking for the best way to do things, but resisting being too constrained by routine at the same time. I also have a lot of sensory sensitivities - not sure if those are related to personality or not, but I get overwhelmed by lots of noise or light - so kid wrangling can get challenging. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. INFJ here - married to an INTJ (and most of my good friends are INTJ, INFJ or INFP). I've noticed a higher than normal number of INFJ homeschoolers and attributed it to that types' intense devotion to idealism. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Classical Kids are frequent in my car for Music Appreciation: some of my kids love these and the others (mainly the older ones) just tolerate them. :) I think of them as a gentle, living book-oriented introduction to many of the major composers. I also really like the compilation CDs they've put together for each composer. https://www.rainbowresource.com/prodlist.php?subject=Music/17&category=Classical+Kids/5618 I linked to RR for the overview of everything, but it seems like everything is less expensive on Amazon (and can be downloaded as mp3 / sampled).
  24. I will second the BeautyCounter sunscreen - I have a friend who sells it and although I hate MLM stuff in general, after borrowing her sunscreen at the pool I started buying it. Physical sunblock but doesn't turn everything white and chalky / gross. Worth checking out against your list. ETA: I am a pasty white redhead and I wear the cream sunscreen everyday under make up, and the stick is good for keeping in purse for reluctant kid faces. It will melt though in a hot car.
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