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Questions about MP Lit Guides


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I have been looking over the Teacher Manual for the Poetry, Prose and Drama I book and had a few questions.

The sample I am looking at mentions referring to "How to Mark a Book." Is that a section that is in all of the TMs?

Also, in the Comprehension section there are words that are bolded (i.e. speaker, personification, diction and contrast). Are those things addressed in the book and how to explain it to your child or is there another book for that?

Do all of the TMs have lit analysis and Socratic questions in them as well?

Are there certain TMs that you love more than others?

Many thanks for your help smile.png

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I will have to go look at the Poetry TM to see what you're talking about...I don't remember that info, but I likely tweaked the book since I've only used a few poems from it.


As far as the lit guides are concerned, I've used a few, so I can answer that question.  There are comprehension questions and discussion questions.  The discussion questions are more Socratic in nature and the answers are not provided for all of them.  I read the book before my kids do, so I'm usually able to answer those questions just fine. 


I have not seen "literary analysis" that I recall...I don't use all of the guides, though.  Only one or two each year, and I'm only up to 8th grade.  In the front of the TM, it does say to "periodically review the concepts of character, setting, and plot."

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