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Gugle's Modern Junior Mathematics: FREE, complete, TM included


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I finally found an early 20th century junior high series with a teacher manual!


Marie Gugle's Modern Junior Mathematics from 1920

Suggested for grades 7-9


Teacher Manual



Book 1



Book 2



Book 3



Book 2 looks like it could be used as a stand alone remedial geometry course for 10th grade.


Book 3 looks like it could be used for remedial algebra 2 and includes some easy trig.


For remedial algebra 1 I like Wentworth's junior high level The First steps in Algebra. Answers included.


And Boyden's First Book in Algebra. Answers included.



And old thread about a predecessor to Strayer-Upton

Wentworth School Arithmetic. Books 1-3 for grades 2-8. Answers included. Book 3 of grammar school series were usually skipped when the junior high series were used.



More junior high/remedial high geometry


Hill's First Lessons in Geometry

Recommended by Blumenfeld the author of Alpha-Phonics

Good Euclid prep



Hailmann's Constructive Form Work. Waldorf style geometric art



Wentworth First Steps in Geometry. Answers included.


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