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US Government Overview for 4th and 5th grade?

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Along about 4th grade we used the American Government Today series:

- Your Right to Vote

- Congress

- The Supreme Court
- The Presidency

- The White House

- Washington D.C.


The books are geared for a grade 4-6 reading level, and maybe 45 pages long with lots of illustrations/photos breaking up the text. We used the first 4 books I listed above. If you buy the set of 6, you also get the free teacher guide.


Other possible resources:


books - formation of our government:

A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution (Maestro)

We The People: The Story of Our Constitution (Cheney)

Shhh! We're Writing the Constitution (Fritz)


books - civics and government:

We the People: Civic Values in America (Rodgers)

How The U.S. Government Works (Sobel)

The U.S. Constitution and You (Sobel)

The Bill of Rights: Protecting our Freedom (Sobel)



Civics - Nat'l Constitution Center: We The Civics Kids -- 8 lessons for elementary ages, plus a book list

Gov't - Kids.Gov: Government -- lesson plans and links to resources for teachers of elementary ages

Gov't -

 -- short music video of how a bill becomes law
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