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We are returning to homeschooling after 2 years of attending a classical ed private school. The first year was part time and this last year full time. We finish up in May and then we will be on our own again. I am a seasoned homeschooler, but I am feeling overwhelmed coming back to it for some reason. 


The school we have been at uses TOG and that was what we used, but TOG is too involved for our current life to go back to it. I am really considering Sonlight and leaning towards the Eastern Hemisphere core. My son will be 8th grade which is typically American History - modern years. My only concern about SL is it doesn't seem to follow the history pattern we are used to, but I really like that my son could "check the boxes."  


Anyone out there using SL for 8th grade plus that could give me some opinions?  I used SL Eastern Hemisphere years ago with my middle son and it was one of our favorite years.

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My DD did that core for 8th last year. It was good. SL has recently released an update of Core F which has a spine book covering the various countries/cultures instead of reading from encyclopedia. It looks great. I think you would find it an interesting year for your son. You can always hop back onto the history cycle the following year - that's what we've done. But the culture study in Core F is really invaluable.

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