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BYU High school courses...feedback?

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Anyone used this option recently?  Looking at Arabic for my middle son, I love how you can break up a semester and have the flexibility to complete over a year~  I want my son to complete three- four years of Latin before finishing up his Latin studies but he wants to start his modern language too so this is a win win for us.  :)  I do not have the time to learn this language since I am working on Spanish and Latin with my others....kids!  I also like how you meet with an instructor live. 


I am also curious about the Algebra 2 course.  My son is taking Geometry with DO but wanted to start Algebra 2 next year and so we were planning on doing 3 days of Geometry and 2 days of Algebra.  I love Derek Owens but it would be very expensive to do two courses at the same time...uhhh decisions!


Thanks for any input!

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We have used BYU for several courses, but not a math class. 


My dd took German with them first semester of this year.  If your student is very self motivated, then it'll probably work.  Mine was not, so it didn't work well for us.


Two of my dc have taken art classes with them which have been good, but again, they need to be self motivated.


My oldest dd has also taken AP Biology with them as well as a couple of college level courses.  All of these required a lot of textbook reading and assignments.


There is really no interaction with anyone for any of these courses, and my understanding is that it's that way for all the BYU independent study courses.  They do have a language lab (I believe it's called Conversation Cafe) or at least they did for German.  This did give my dd the opportunity to actually speak to someone there at BYU to practice her German, but it was very limited.  However, that may have just been my daughter.  I think you can go there (it's online) as often as you want to practice.


I hope this is helpful.  I'd be happy to answer any other question you may have.



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