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Killgallon for 6th grade


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I am hoping to use WWS 1 for my ds when he is grade 7, since I don't think he is ready for that now. I plan on using Killgallon for 6th grade since I have both Sentence Composing and Paragraph Composing for Middle School. 


Should I start with sentence composing, then move on to Paragraph Composing, or just start with Paragraph Composing? He is in school this year for 5th, and his writing skills are average, although the teacher said he needs to write longer sentences. He feels they are too simple. I will be homeschooling him for 6th. 




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Monica_in_Switzerland was told by the author that the Sentence book comes first, then Grammar, then Paragraph, then Non-fiction. The books are repetitive, so I would not feel like I needed to do all of them. Also, I started Sentence then paused and did the start of the Paragraph book to "officially" introduce paragraphs, then went back to finish the Sentence book. You may want to start WWS 1 in the spring so that you have some flexibility to allow extra time for the exercises that may need extra time. I think it will take us 12-15 months to finish to finish WWS1 (but mine are younger).

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