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Writing Fiction in High School for 8th grade?

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Has anyone used Writing Fiction in High School by Sharon Watson in middle school?    My DD has just finished Jump In and has asked specifically for a creative writing program for next year, when she'll be in 8th grade, before she has to start doing more formal academic-type writing in high school.  She really enjoyed the style and format of Jump In, and I wondered if WFIHS would be a good fit, even though it's written for a slightly older audience.


Thanks for any insight or experience you can share.

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I can't speak specifically about Watson's creative writing program, BUT... I did use Jump In with one DS. And with my Lit. & Comp. co-op class, I use parts of Watson's sequel of Power In Your Hands (for high school). In both programs, Sharon Watson's style is gentle, incremental, well-explained, and informal -- enough so that I think that Power in Your Hands (a high school program) could be pretty easily used by an 8th grader.


So, in being familiar with her style and 2 of her NON-fiction writing programs, I would hazard a guess that if your student is pretty solid with sentences and paragraphs, and did well with Jump In, that your DD could do the Writing Fiction program without too much difficulty, IF the Writing Fiction program is similar in format and style. You can always slow the scheduling pace down a bit if that makes it more do-able for your DD. ;)


Cover Story is one other resource you might look in to -- it is a 1-year creative writing program for grades 6-9 by the creator of the high school creative writing program of The One-Year Adventure Novel. There have been several positive reviews of Cover Story on these boards.

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I don't have experience with that program in particular, but you can also look at a summer online creative writing course for 7-9 grade.  My 10th grader is taking Lili Serbicki's year long high school creative writing class right now, and she loves it.  Ms. Serbicki's class is organized, she gives great feedback, and she's very accessible.  She also teaches AP English through both PA Homeschoolers and Debra Bell.  I have been very impressed with what I have seen.  I don't have experience with the Jr. High class, but I imagine that it's just as good.



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