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Carnegie Mellon OLI French?

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I've searched threads and come up with several where this free French program is listed, but not much feed back on the actual course. http://oli.cmu.edu/courses/free-open/french-i-course-details/


Has anyone used this?


Dd has in the final weeks of what I'm going to call French 1 after using a mash up of resources (to put it mildly), and I'd like to cover French 2 somewhat more efficiently.


The OLI looks to me like a marriage of Duolingo and French in Action, although I don't think it goes as far as French in Action. French 2 would be the equivalent of 2nd year high school French, I think.


I would have her do the verbal parts of French 1 before beginning the full French 2 course. She wants to continue with Breaking the Barrier, and we have used the Cours de Langue book as a review tool, and probably will continue with that and some magazines.


Anyhow, I know French in Action is well liked here, but dd doesn't really watch much TV in any language, so I'm thinking it would be a hard sell. She's done well with EdX courses in the past, and the format is very similar.


I did find a copy of the transcript for French in Action online, and might try it out, just so she has the story line if we need to jump into it after French 2. Pop some popcorn and try to make it fun to follow along....


Any feed feed back?


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