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Does anyone here use this programme?

I signed up for a free trial & while I've managed to figure out some aspects, I'm really struggling with others, & would love some tips.. :) I did speak with Andy before I signed up for the free trial period because I didn't want to have to make assignments each week on there {we use paper planners} in order to log grades. He said I wouldn't need to create assignments in order to give grades, but I'm not figuring out how that is possible.. Any hints?

I added my high schooler's book list for US History & while it's sitting there, it doesn't come up in the report section. Do I have to assign those books in order to get them to show up in the report section?

While I'm really floundering a bit to get it set up I do love the professional look in many aspects for printing things out to have proper hard copies. That's something I haven't noticed with many of the other programmes I've tried.

I really want to get the most out of the trial to decide if this is something I want to keep up with for the next 3 years for high school. Of course I'm kinda scrambling because what I was using previously was only half working for me so I wasn't keeping up with it & now need to back track & add 81 days worth of school grades & such into the new one. 

I did figure out attendance which was pretty simple.. ha! 

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Did you ever find out the answers to your questions.  I am looking at this program now.   Also, I have these questions:


Does the system allow for input and print out of course descriptions?  Does it allow you to organize the transcripts by subject (vs by year?)  Finally, where can you see a smaple transcript?

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I did figure it out!! :)

I decided to devout a couple of hours each day of the weekend for a month in order to really learn the ropes. I need to do some work with it Wednesday evening {hubby has late meetings on Wed.} to get more info in it. I'm really loving the versatility & I'm not even using it to it's fullest extent. I tend to be a paper & pen planner, but you can totally plan within the programme in order to get maximum use of it.

So let's see if I can explain what I learned:

I don't think you can download course descriptions in PDF format to print out, but I will say this the fellow who does Homeschool Minder is really easy to chat with {I was using messenger on FB for a while} & you could ask him to be certain. If it's not there no harm in asking for it because they do add things all the time based on requests!

Yes, you can totally group by "class" vs year with the transcript. It's a drop down toggle button in the Transcript Print area. I'm not sure that they provided any samples on their website, but what I will say is that when they say the first month is free, they absolutely mean it. $0 paid, they won't even ask you for billing information. Nothing. Zip. You simply create an account by setting up a user name & password.

I learned "the ropes" during that free period I wanted to decide during that time if it was going to be worth the monthly fee. I was kinda sad that it's a monthly/annual fee, but in the end it's worth it. I chose Homeschool Minder because after my trial period it did exactly what I needed/wanted, but more so because as an Expat if I have to move my info is saved there. Even if you do not renew your account you can still access your info to print it off, you just can't edit it. I thought that was incredibly generous!

I'd offer to post a transcript, but they have deeply personal information with home phone, address, etc.. You could peek on the homeschool minder FB page & see if they have any samples there or ask if anyone can direct you to a sample?

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