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Singapore vs Math Mammoth


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My 8 year old is just finishing Singapore 4B. He LOVES Singapore, I LOVE Singapore (wish I'd been taught math this way in public school!), but we're on an awfully tight budget this spring. He wants to keep moving ahead and his assessor agrees. In fact, she suggested that the only reason he didn't score higher on the Woodcock Johnson math portion was because he simply hadn't been exposed to it and that he'll be ready for Algebra in a couple years. So, I want to let him move on to the next level of math content. But with the budget I'm looking for ways to get out of buying a second math curriculum for this academic year, lol! 


So, I have Math Mammoth all the way through 7th grade, which I got ages ago for my older daughter when there was an excellent deal. 


For those of you who have used Math Mammoth for part or all of elementary, did it adequately prepare your child for AoPS-level Pre-Algebra and Algebra? How do you feel it compares to Singapore? And did your accelerated learner enjoy it, or at least not dislike it? 

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If you love Singapore, and plan to continue Singapore in the fall, then what about just having him do some MEP and AOPS alcumus until then? If AOPS is your long term goal, then doing prealgebra problems on alcumus would be great preparation.


My accelerated learner doesn't mind MM, but he moves through it very quickly, and we supplement it a lot. I think a steady diet of only MM for most of a semester would squelch some of his math love.



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Once you finish the Singapore you have, just let him go at Alcumus. He will be stuck a lot. Help him here and there. If it is horrific, switch to having him try Khan Academy for a bit. Letting the information stew awhile is not a bad thing. Often, it really helps to solidify processes and concepts in the long run.


ETA: He is 8. There is no transcript you have to uphold. You won't break him if he takes a couple months of doing less intensive math. I promise. :)

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