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Self educating maths and Grammar

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I am currently studying for a foundation degree (sort of like an associates degree in the US) in Animal behaviour and Welfare. However, after a years internship, in September 2018 I will be transferring university to complete a top - up degree in Conservation Science. The university have warned me that that the course that I wish to transfer onto will be more maths/science heavy than my current one. To prepare, I have been doing some self study but in the process I have to realise that my maths skills are a bit weak in some foundational areas.

As such, I'd like some suggestions for curricula that would be good for an adult learner. I would like to start at pre-algebra and keep going until I hit somewhere that needs proper study as opposed to re-cap. Is there a book or website that I could diagnose my weaknesses with?

Also, grammar isn't taught very well in English secondary schools and I get constant comments about this in my feedback. Is there a programme/curriculum that would be good for an adult learner to sure up grammar. I have seen diagramming and this does not appeal to me so I would like to avoid this unless anybody can provide me with reasons why it is absolutely essential.


Sorry this got a bit long! Thanks for your help.

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Khan Academy does both math and grammar. I have found it ideal for what you are describing. I have a PreCalculus test which I have to pass in order to get into my degree program. I started in Algebra basics finished the section in a week. Now I am almost through Algebra (another week). If I keep this pace, I will be ready for the test in less than a month. When I miss a problem, it provides hints. These usually job my memory and after a few rounds of failing and hint looking, it clicks. There are a few sections that I just plain do not remember learning. For these I watch the videos.


Plus, it is free and keeps track of your progress.

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