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In my continuing quest to find a science curriculum that


a) Has topic modules

b) Is affordable

c) Is either secular or faith-based but well-reasoned


I have come across ScienceFusion.  


It looks pretty good, but what says the Hive Mind about it?  


I would be using their Earth's Water and Atmosphere and Space Science modules.  


And I would be using it with all four of my kids, including the younger two, ages 7 and 8.  (Obviously, I would need to do some modifying for my younger kids).  


I'm unclear on what is involved with this program.  Is there a physical textbook?  Do I need to purchase digital access for all of my children?  Or just once and they can share?  


Is it solid?  Thorough?  Plenty of labs/experiments/demonstrations?  Would it be easy to add in lapbooking?  

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I have used Science Fusion's middle school modules. My daughter absolutely loved it. It's a textbook and workbook in one. The online access is a little tricky to figure out, but once I took some time to understand it, we used it frequently. You don't need access for more than one kid, it comes free with the middle school modules. It had quizzes, video lessons, digital labs, teachers manual etc. I felt like it was very solid and thorough. It would be easy to add lapbooking. I loved that my daughter could choose what she wanted to study and we were able to really focus. It was really a great curriculum.

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I used it with my oldest when he was in middle school. I set it up so it was scheduled out.


I recently discovered I still have access to those modules and have started using it with my 4th and 5th graders. This time around I'm using it alongside them and discussing as we go. It covers all of topics and I like that we can work our way through a lesson more easily than RSO. My middle is very science oriented and my youngest is able to keep up through our discussions. It's been working out well so far. The only problem is who gets to use the mouse. Lol


So I'm assuming it was a fluke that you still retained access?  I wonder if that generally happens?  


It would be fantastic if, once purchased, we could retain access to specific modules.  That would allow me to purchase the modules and then the kids could choose to learn about what they are interested in, when they are interested in it.  


How much teacher direction is needed, aside from the original setting up, etc?  



Overall, it seems as though opinion is pretty high.  The reviews on the internet are consistent in that the online access is cumbersome, difficult to orient, etc.  But those reviews are also older.  


If Science Fusion turns out to work well for us, it will remove a HUGE monkey off of my back.  I've written my own science curriculum for several years now and it is so much work.  So much legwork, planning, researching, etc.  I just don't want to anymore, lol.   

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