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I need a new workhorse printer: reviews?


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I have deeply love my Brother 2270dw black/white printer. It's dying, and I'm not sure my replacement drum is going to work out. I need a backup plan, just in case.


My epson color printer/scanner/copier is also dying. The printer heads are messed up, and no amount of cleaning, replacing with name brand ink, etc. is fixing the issue.


So, I'd like to replace both units with one:

1. color printing

2. economical black and white printing--no hiccuping if I print 250 pages at a time

3. decent photocopying capability


I'm leaning towards the Brother units as we've had better luck with them than Epson or HP, but I'm open. What workhorse printers do you recommend???  We typically buy in the $250 range, but I'm willing to go up to $500 if it meets all of our criteria!

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