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Suggestions for 8th grade writing program


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DD 13 just finished WWS1.  I want to continue some kind of writing and prepare her for 9th grade.  She didn't love WWS1, though very good program for her (more of a creative writer) and I felt it was important stuff to learn.  I am looking at SWBs suggestion of Memoria Press writing program (though don't know where to start-- Fable??  Or possibly CAP (again, where would she start).  She is a fairly natural writer but of course needs some help.  I would like to be fairly hands off.  I heard Elegant Essay IEW is a lot of teacher 1:1.


I may use Window to the World/Teaching the Classics with Jill Pike's syllabus for freshman year or do I do that now?  Or possibly just use Memoria Press throughout high school.  It wasn't clear to me in the WTM book what is suggested, so I have to reread that.  I didn't see WWS2 or 3 mentioned for high school.


All that to say, what do you suggest?  Of course, we only have about 4 months left before summer break and then high school.  I don't know how it works if I start a program and don't finish.  I'm still trying to get a grasp on credits.


Hope this makes sense!  

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You should check out the writing scope and sequence that SWB put up on the WTM web site.


SWB wrote that WWS prepares a student for writing in college. You can continue with WWS2 in 9th and WWS3 in 10th. That is one path the scope&sequence mentions.


If you only have four months to prepare for high school writing, look at a short resource like The Power In Your Hands or Write Better Essays in 20 Minutes a Day.


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