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Looking for short French podcasts...

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That can be downloaded. I do have the radios ap, but we go through connection dead zones for half this drive I have in mind. Looking for news, discussion, whatever, with words :) I specifically don't want "news in slow".

Anything? Thank you!

Eta that I found the news bulletins at France Culture. They have history (and other subjects) as well, but those are about an hr long.

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Maybe your long drive is behind you now but in case you're still looking, were you thinking of more kid-friendly or grownup podcasts? There are a couple of short science/kids' Q&A ones that I jotted down a few months ago but haven't tested yet: Les p'tits bateaux on France Inter and L'oreille des kids


And some stories that my kids liked:


Here's a site with a few more suggestions:


And in case none of these are what you're looking for, here are some adult ones (some very adult) on current events, culture, humor:


Let us know if you find any gems. :-) 

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These are fabulous! Thank you. We have been listening to the news bulletin from France Culture and i think it's a bit much for my DS (in the sense that one can only hear about Fillon's wife scandal so many times...) ;) thank you again

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